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About us

Our Mission

At Sa-Orsa we want to allow women to feel liberated, confident and beautiful in who they are and what they wear. The name of the brand, ‘SA ORSA’ is derived from Scottish Gaelic, referring to ‘freedom and liberty’

Our passion for creativity and influence in design is the reason why we set up this business as a mother-daughter venture; with a degree in garment technology and a background in fashion and textiles. We aim to provide our customers with products which are tailor designed, seasonal, high in quality and modest.

Our designs are named after the many beautiful flowers that scatter the fields of Scotland

Beauty, Liberation & Modesty.

We believe you will find this in our brand.

Our vision

Our dreams stemmed from the routes of our beginning in Scotland where passion for design and creativity grew. We had a dream, a vision and a goal to set up a unique company, a place where you can experience the excitement of shopping, the anticipation of receiving that special item and the joy of unwrapping.

Our team works hard to make the best designs there is to offer and to make your shopping experience unlike any other.

We hope you enjoy shopping at ‘Sa-orsa Fashion House’.

About Us